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Used correctly, rivet connections and connections with lugs are among the safest, quickest and least expensive processes for forming permanent, positive or also non-positive connections between components made of identical and, more especially, of different materials.

We bring the knowledge and experience we have gained over our many years of specialisation to bear in the partnerships we build with our customers. The quality of a rivet connection depends to a large extent on the technology employed.

We view ourselves as a partner for our customers.

With highly qualified and motivated employees and through the involvement of reliable suppliers and production facilities we are able to respond flexibly to the individual requirements of our customers.

Personal contact with our business partners - our customers and our suppliers - is of great importance to us in this endeavour. We strive to achieve long-term partnerships.

Through collaboration and the exchange of experience with our business partners, we are able to expand our range of services on a continuous basis, thus ensuring that, with the products and services we provide, our customers obtain.

comprehensive + efficient solutions

that equip them with competitive advantages. Best possible service during and after purchase forms part of our company philosophy.