The History

PFEIL GmbH was founded back in 1986 by Georg Pfeil in the town of Gingen an der Fils. Gingen is located in Baden-Württemberg, in the highly industrialised valley of the river Fils, home to many renowned companies that are renowned all over the world for their first-class products and services.

For a long time, the two companies Pfeil and Hang competed with one another in the connection technology business. After an analysis showed that the two companies would both stand to benefit from the synergies of a merger, Pfeil and Hang entered into a cooperation venture in 2012. This also involved the entire Pfeil workforce relocating to the Hang business location in Göppingen. Today, further development work and the assembly of Pfeil machines take place under the roof of the Hang premises. Not only that, but the founder of the company is still responsible for the technology of his Pfeil machines.

Since the beginning of this cooperation, and with the know-how of both companies in the automation sector, several projects have been acquired jointly and have been implemented successfully. There are therefore good reasons for stating that the decision to collaborate has proven to be a sound one.