Eyeletting machines from Pfeil

Eyeletting machine, type 118

The Type 118 eyeletting machine is an electrically powered Eyeletting machine with automatic component feed to the upper tool from a rotating sorting drum.

With punch unit for textile material.

Alternatively, the machine can be equipped with two automatic feeders to the upper tool.

Optionally, parts can be sorted from an electromagnetic oscillating conveyor.

Feed adjustment is performed in our plant, specifically tailored to suit the components being processed.

In the same manner, the tools and the entire range of tools is matched in our plant to suit the components being processed.

Here are examples of what can be processed on the machine:

  • Eyelets
  • Eyelets and plates
  • Tubular rivets

For example in the production of shower curtains, tarpaulins, textile belts, packaging materials, toys, luggage, …

Examples of applications

Eyelet machine with punch unit

for setting eyelets in paper bags

  • Integrated in an automatic production line
  • Automatic throughput of filled paper bags
  • Height-adjustable lower frame for setting up different sizes of paper bag