The history of rivet connections

Correctly used rivet connections and connections with eyelets are among the safest, fastest and most cost-effective processes for the permanent, positive or non-positive connection of components made of the same or even and mainly of different materials. Rivet connections can almost never be resolved in a non-destructive way. Where permanent material connections are essential for safety reasons, such as in plane and automotive construction, this type of jointing technology is the most important advantage. Material connections by means of rivets are among the oldest types of connection technology, with the origins of riveting going back to the Bronze Age – in other words to the period between 2200 and 800 BC. - Rivet connections are irreplaceable in modern production, too.

Bridges, trousers, braces and planes are held together by rivets.

If we have to, we can even rivet glass
(without shards)

The know-how and experience we have gained in our long years of specialisation are an integral part of our customer partnerships. The quality of a rivet connection often depends on the technology used.

We consider ourselves partners to our customers.