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Application-specific system solutions in top quality are our speciality

PFEIL GmbH was founded in 1986 by Georg Pfeil in Gingen an der Fils. Gingen is located in Baden-Württemberg in south-west Germany, in the highly industrialised valley of the Fils river, home to many renowned companies known the world over for their top-class products and services. In this favourable environment, we supplement our own production by integrating reliable suppliers and manufacturing companies.  With our team of highly qualified and motivated employees we can react extremely flexibly to the individual requirements of our customers.

Personal contact to our business partners – customers and suppliers alike – is very important to us. We endeavour to establish long-term partnerships. Thanks to collaboration and exchange of experiences with our business partners we are continually expanding our range, so that with our products and services our customers purchase comprehensive + efficient solutions putting them ahead of their competitors. The best possible service before, during and after the sale are an integral part of our company philosophy.  


Our basic machines with high process reliability

Our basic machines are designed according to the modular principle using standard components. The automatic supply systems are adapted for the rivets or eyelets to be used. The tool area is designed for the product our customers wish to machine. Our customers can often work easily with our basic machines and achieve high process reliability, in line with our mission statement: We deliver machines which are adapted to our customers’ product, not vice versa.


Application-specific system solutions in top quality are our speciality

We consider ourselves as partners to our customers and aim to deliver the best possible solutions for their individual requirements. It goes without saying that professional consultation before the sale and after-sale support are part of the package. A constant exchange of experience and flow of information between us ensures that we meet the requirements of a modern service strategy and can fulfil your requirements.


The history of rivet connections

Correctly used rivet connections and connections with eyelets are among the safest, fastest and most cost-effective processes for the permanent, positive or non-positive connection of components made of the same or even and mainly of different materials.

Rivet connections can almost never be resolved in a non-destructive way. Where permanent material connections are essential for safety reasons, such as in plane and automotive construction, this type of jointing technology is the most important advantage.

Material connections by means of rivets are among the oldest types of connection technology, with the origins of riveting going back to the Bronze Age – in other words to the period between 2200 and 800 BC. - Rivet connections are irreplaceable in modern production, too.

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Riveting process

What’s in a word?
In any context using the word “rivet”, one thing is absolutely clear: rivet connections are amongst the safest, fastest and most cost-effective processes for the permanent, positive or non-positive connection of several components made of the same or even of quite different materials.

The quality of a rivet connection, or of an eyelet or tubular rivet connection, often depends on the technology used. The riveting technique used depends on a wide range of different requirements. The requirements on the rivet connection also determine the selection of the right connection element.

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